China is 6:0 hours ahead of France

That means when it is 9:00 am in Paris France, it is 3:00 pm in Beijing China


Currency of France - is Euro. Any freely convertible currency can be exchanged at banks, exchange offices. Do not rush to do it at the airport - the exchange rate is usually lower than in the city. In the course of the big banks are not the highest. Best deal in Paris, but not on major tourist streets, better to go th small streets - somewhere in the Opera district. If you are traveling  around other regions of France - change money in advance, as in big cities the exchange currency is way better.


Telephone calls in hotels are NOT free, except calls from room to room in the same hotel. If you have a roaming, your cell phone will be reconstructed on the French operator.It is expensive to use cell phones, because calls in France are on the international rates, and calls to China - double international rates. Public telephones in France are working with phone cards, which can be purchased in the bar tabac. They come in 50 standard units (8 €) and 120 conventional units (16 €). If you need a lot of calls on France, you can buy a sim card (carte sim).

The territory of France is divided into five zones, each of which has its own code (01; 02; 03; 04; 05). Code of Paris and the Paris region - 01. The code of mobile phones - 06 or 07. However, all the French code numbers consist of 10 digits. To call from France to abroad you need to dial 00 and the country code. So, to call to China, dial 00 - 86 - the area code and phone number, or 00 - 86 - cell phone number


On all public transport in Paris used the same tickets. Metro - the most convenient form of transportation - works from 5.30 to 00.30. The entrances to the subway yellow marked with the letter m. Each branch has its own metro number and color. The direction is indicated by endpoints. Station names are not announced on all of the lines, but they are easy to follow the big name sign on the platform.  Doors open at stops turning the knob or pressing a button on the door in almost all branches of the subway. Exit the subway sign denotes blue sortie, and transplant - colored plates correspondance.

RER - suburban trains passing through Paris. Many metro stations you can transfer to one of the 5 lines rer - A, B, C, D or E. Almost every line has several ramifications, therefore, come to the platform, be sure to look at the light panel - light on it all the stops on the which the train will stop. Metro tickets are valid RER only within the city. To get there, for example, to Disneyland, you need to buy a special ticket - in the same metro ticket offices or in the machine. In a subway train and RER, as well as the output of the station to the controllers. In the absence of a ticket - even if you roll it out of ignorance - you will have to pay a fine of 50 €.

Taxis in Paris is considered relatively inexpensive mode of transport. Within the historic center can be reached within 10 €. At stops taxi should sit in the first taxi. If you "catch" a taxi anywhere else, the taxi driver can refuse service if it is not satisfied with the direction or distance. You can call a taxi through the hotel reception. In this case, the counter will have few taxis Euro. As a rule, a taxi takes no more than 3 adults. Landing 4 passenger in the front seat - extra 4 €.


All restaurants post or put up the menu on the sidewalk, so you can decide to enter the restaurant if you like food and prices. French lunch is going early - from 12.00 to 14.00 and dinner – from 19.00 to 21.30 After 14.15 and 21.30  you can be refused because the kitchen usually closes at 14.00 and at 22.00. Set lunch at a French restaurant called Menu. It may include starter, main course, desserts and even beverages. This dinner is cheaper than the same number of meals taken separately a la carte. All restaurants are served free bread and water in the decanter. You may not give tips, because the service charge is included in the bill. However, you can leave a small tip, about 5% of the order value.


Most shops and boutiques are open from 10.00 to 19.30. Galeries Lafayette and Printemps are open on Thursday  till 21.30. Supermarkets operate differently. Monoprix is open until 21.00 All shops are closed on Sunday and public holidays. Small grocery shops are open late at night and on weekends, but prices are 30% higher than in supermarkets.


In Paris, you can walk late and use the subway before closing. However, as in any big city, there are pickpockets and thieves. Unfortunately, usually tourisnts are becomming the victims. Follow your personal belongings, especially in the metro and in crowded places. Leave the hotel your passport and ticket. Enough to have a photocopy of your passport, even for registration tax free.


You can take advantage of exemption from the French VAT (tva), provided that:
- The cost of your purchases in one store in one day will be higher than 175 €;
- If you buy you complete your receipt - inventory for export; this need your passport data, and in some cases, the credit card number;
- You leave the European Community for 3 months.
On the day of departure you must submit to the Customs Service, your passport, tickets and receipts obtained in shops. Purchased goods must be with you, for possible inspection. You can get a refund in cash at the airport (bank american express), to credit card (for this, after passing customs, must be mailed in an envelope upper receipt store) or by check in the mail.


French people are friendly and helpful. If you get lost, it is enough to call what you're looking for, and they will help you. And if you have any request, and you are applying with a smile and with «s'il vous plaît», they will do everything possible to help you.